The Power of 100% Commission

RealtyMark gives you the flexibility you need to be different than any other agent. Give yourself the unfair advantage.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Earn More and Spend Less at

RealtyMark's platform is designed for you to be one of the highest paid agents out there. We teach you how to work smarter, not harder, saving you time and money. Why give that away? We'll give you everything you need to invest in yourself.


$275 [max] Transaction Fee
(Caps at $2750 per year)

$100 Monthly Fee


No Monthly Fees for your first year. Receive additional free years for every agent you refer to us.

Spouse and Team plans available.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

How much harder do you have to work than a RealtyMark agent to make $10,000?
[From a 3% buyer or seller commission]

With RealtyMark™, the sale price only needs to be $342,500

With the Keller Williams™ standard 70/30 split and 6% franchise fee, the sale price must be $520,833

With the Coldwell Banker™ standard 60/40 split and 6% franchise fee, the sale price must be $617,000

We're Here For Your Success


Learn contract law, negotiating,
marketing, and more


Post-licensing courses for license
renewals are on us

Streamline Your Business

RealtyMark now offers the Free RealtyMark Concierge Service to fully prepare your listing contracts (with the availability of buyer contracts), right here locally, 7 Days A Week

Use our guided service to enter the property information, and the RealtyMark Concierge Team will prepare every contract with full compliance and accuracy within the hour. We've got you covered!

Captivate Your Clients

Everyone's a VIP at RealtyMark

Need a pick me up? Bring your clients to and from the settlement in a chauffeur driven stretch limousine for free. Just ask!

Advertise Listings on TV for Free

RealtyMark Showcase of Homes airs every Sunday at 9:00-9:30am on PHL17, reaching 40 counties throughout PA. NJ, DE, and MD. See the Latest Episodes -

Closing Protection Program

If your settlement does NOT occur on time (at no fault of your own) and your clients have no place to stay, RealtyMark will pay for a Hotel/Motel of your client's choice for up to 3 nights.

See terms and conditions

Cruise for Free

RealtyMark agents cruise for free with a guest of their choice. Any agent earning 15 points or more in the RealtyMark calendar year can qualify.

Closed Sales
1 Point

April & October
2 Points

Qualifying Company Meetings
1 Point

Each closed sale earns 1 point. Dual agency earns 2 points. Closed sales in April & October earn double points. Earn up to 3 points just for attending any of the qualifying RealtyMark company meetings.

See terms and conditions

You Get It All at RealtyMark

100% Commission and More

  • Non-Realtor Member Offices
  • Realtor Member Offices
  • Continuing Education
  • Real Estate Contract Preparation
  • Limousine to/from Settlements
  • 24/7 Broker Support Hotline
  • Agent Branded Mobile App
  • Customizable Websites
  • Office Phone Extension
  • First Year No Monthly Fees
  • Real Estate Training
  • E&O Insurance Coverage
  • Free Signage for Listings
  • Simulcasted Listings
  • Leads
  • Closing Protection Program
  • Advertise Listings on PHL17
  • Annual RealtyMark Cruise

What Our Agents Are Saying

Nancy Houck

I love working for Realty Mark! I recently beat out 3 competing agents for a listing by putting the property on the weekly RealtyMark TV show!! I got the listing on the spot!! Having this little key piece of reassurance gives me an added boost of confidence in my listing appointments. But that isn't the only reason why I love Realty Mark. I'm here because of the broker, Ray Gaber. Any issue I have, Ray is right on top of it. I don't feel like a number here; I feel like family.
- Nancy Houck

David Jack

At the beginning of my career (now going on 10 years), I thought that joining a company with a "known" name like Re/Max would help me grow my business. This turned out to be a huge rookie mistake. I quickly learned that the only beneficiary of using the Re/Max name was Re/Max and my broker. I did all the work, they made all the money. RealtyMark has allowed me all the benefits of my former broker and so much more! A great support system, valuable education material, creative marketing techniques, fantastic perks and 100% commission are all part of the package from day one. If you earn it-KEEP IT! Any other brokerage pales in comparison.
- David Jack

George McCusker

Well it's been one year I have been with RealtyMark and everything Ray has told me has been true. I just love keeping 100% of my commission which allows me to work less and make more. I do not pay the E&O insurance. My listings are put on more sites than when I was paying in my previous company. To top it off there is a company cruise which Is free once you get 15 points. Then there is the free limo and free online training along with free on staff attorneys. I could not get all of this with any other company. I am telling everyone this is real and is true.
- George McCusker

Francesca Sinacori

$275 per transaction capped at 10; $2750 for the year and you get a free cruise. To me, it's like paying for the cruise at a discounted price and 100% of everything else in my pocket! No nickel & diming for franchise fees, E&O, signing, etc. No making your broker rich for your hard work.
- Francesca Sinacori

Alex Gehring

The RealtyMark training and classes are very important whether you are a new or experienced agent. I learn something new every time and the personalized atmosphere is something I never had at any other brokerage. I'd highly recommend RealtyMark if you want to be successful in the real estate industry.
- Alex Gehring

Loni Schiavo

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, All this company offers sounds too good to be true. I remember thinking, what do I have to lose! The contract is very reasonable if you are not happy. Let me tell you, I am so mad I did not join this company sooner! 100% commission is AWESOME!!! Not to mention all the other Perks, My listings on Channel 17, The Cruise, CE reimbursed and what about E&O FREE, come on, you have to be crazy not to be working here! And, it's not all about the money, Ray and the whole gang really care about you and your business.
- Loni Schiavo

Chuck Kleinschmidt

I have worked in five offices since getting my license. And I know that I will stay here for the remainder of my career. You are treated like a professional. The Conveyance Department is outstanding and the Mortgage Officers are dependable and responsive. This is the best place to work. And it is not just because of all of the additional money.
- Chuck Kleinschmidt

Celeste Weaver

I have been able to develop better relationships with my clients and get repeat business simply by belonging to Realty Mark who gives you the power to run your own business. By receiving 100% of my commissions, I have higher negotiating power vs. other brokerages I have worked for. I do this for my clients and I finally feel like I'm with a Broker that has my client's best interests at heart.
- Celeste Weaver


Joseph Gantert Photo
Joseph Gantert

Joe listed and sold my old home and helped us get our new home all in under two months and then we re sold the new home years later all in one day with him. ... read more

- Nicole & Jim Tjelta / Feeney Jr , Seller & Buyer
Joseph Gantert Photo
Joseph Gantert

This Guy has been the best Real Estate Agent anyone could ever ask for. I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you did to make this happen. You've been an angel. ... read more

- H B , Seller
Joseph Gantert Photo
Joseph Gantert

Being a Georgian resident selling his parents house in PA gave me anxiety at first. But, Joe Gantert came highly recommended and we chose him to represent our family during the sale. Joe brought a ... read more

- Fred Apple , Seller

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