The Power of 100% Commission

RealtyMark gives you the flexibility you need to be different than any other agent. Give yourself the unfair advantage.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Earn More and Spend Less at

RealtyMark's platform is designed for you to be one of the highest paid agents out there. We teach you how to work smarter, not harder, saving you time and money. Why give that away? We'll give you everything you need to invest in yourself.


$275 [max] Transaction Fee
(Caps at $2750 per year)

$100 Monthly Fee


No Monthly Fees for your first year. Receive additional free years for every agent you refer to us.

Spouse and Team plans available.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

How much harder do you have to work than a RealtyMark agent to make $10,000?
[From a 3% buyer or seller commission]

With RealtyMark™, the sale price only needs to be $342,500

With the Keller Williams™ standard 70/30 split and 6% franchise fee, the sale price must be $520,833

With the Coldwell Banker™ standard 60/40 split and 6% franchise fee, the sale price must be $617,000

We're Here For Your Success


Learn contract law, negotiating,
marketing, and more


Post-licensing courses for license
renewals are on us

Streamline Your Business

RealtyMark now offers the Free RealtyMark Concierge Service to fully prepare your listing contracts (with the availability of buyer contracts), right here locally, 7 Days A Week

Use our guided service to enter the property information, and the RealtyMark Concierge Team will prepare every contract with full compliance and accuracy within the hour. We've got you covered!

Captivate Your Clients

Everyone's a VIP at RealtyMark

Need a pick me up? Bring your clients to and from the settlement in a chauffeur driven stretch limousine for free. Just ask!

Advertise Listings on TV for Free

RealtyMark Showcase of Homes airs every Sunday at 9:00-9:30am on PHL17, reaching 40 counties throughout PA. NJ, DE, and MD. See the Latest Episodes -

Closing Protection Program

If your settlement does NOT occur on time (at no fault of your own) and your clients have no place to stay, RealtyMark will pay for a Hotel/Motel of your client's choice for up to 3 nights.

See terms and conditions

Cruise for Free

RealtyMark agents cruise for free with a guest of their choice. Any agent earning 15 points or more in the RealtyMark calendar year can qualify.

Closed Sales
1 Point

April & October
2 Points

Qualifying Company Meetings
1 Point

Each closed sale earns 1 point. Dual agency earns 2 points. Closed sales in April & October earn double points. Earn up to 3 points just for attending any of the qualifying RealtyMark company meetings.

See terms and conditions

You Get It All at RealtyMark

100% Commission and More

  • Non-Realtor Member Offices
  • Realtor Member Offices
  • Continuing Education
  • Real Estate Contract Preparation
  • Limousine to/from Settlements
  • 24/7 Broker Support Hotline
  • Agent Branded Mobile App
  • Customizable Websites
  • Office Phone Extension
  • First Year No Monthly Fees
  • Real Estate Training
  • E&O Insurance Coverage
  • Free Signage for Listings
  • Simulcasted Listings
  • Leads
  • Closing Protection Program
  • Advertise Listings on PHL17
  • Annual RealtyMark Cruise

What Our Agents Are Saying

Meziane Chanane

I really appreciate the opportunity to work with you, it’s a great place to work. No complaints at all, everything goes smoothly, with literally zero headache. I will definitely recommend our company to other agents every time I have a chance.
- Meziane Chanane

Paul Honorkiewicz

Not a lot of companies have teachers like Bill & Ray that share their knowledge. When I have taken their classes I believe in their hearts they want all to succeed.
- Paul Honorkiewicz

Joe & Patricia Massengale

Thank you so much for the cruise. It was wonderful and exceeded our expectations. We especially liked the food and entertainment. The goodie bag was a nice touch and the group bus saved us a lot of hassles. Thank you for letting me borrow your phone too. You thought of everything. Realty Mark is the best!!!
- Joe & Patricia Massengale

Stephen Burke

At Realty Mark the 100% Commission structure provides me with the maximum earning potential. Along with getting your listings on PHL17 "Showcase of Homes" at no cost and a bonus of a cruise, I can not see how other agents are not joining this brokerage.
- Stephen Burke

Jose Berrios

This being my first company cruise, I was a bit skeptical on the thoughts of receiving a cruise for my efforts. Especially, after working for several other Real Estate companies with no such rewards except a cut on my commission.
- Jose Berrios

Tiffany Youst

Thank you for an amazing cruise! It was not only enjoyable but also productive brainstorming to dominate this year.
- Tiffany Youst

Hazel Patel

Realty Mark is the best place to work and enjoy life! Realty Mark CEO Ray Gaber knows how to run his business as well as make his agents happy by giving them motivation all the time.
- Hazel Patel

Ken Lewis

One of the main things that attracted the seller was our TV show. The sellers are excited to see the home on TV and want to tell all their family and friends to watch. Thanks!
- Ken Lewis

Adam Kruger

If you want to run your own business and make more money this is the place for you. I am getting paid 100% of my commission and can take advantage of the in-house title company, free color copies, syndication of my listings to thousands of sites including marketing my listings on TV and free training and support.
- Adam Kruger

Chris Barnes

I've been a Realtor for 15 years and in that time I've worked for a handful of brokerages. As a broker-salesperson who has contemplated starting my own brokerage, I can say that finding Realty Mark was a game changer. The company gives me the freedom to create and run my own business while keeping a low overhead. I'm very happy to be with a forward thinking and fantastic brokerage!
- Chris Barnes

Gretchen Knowlton

Helpful, Professional, Knowledgeable people to work with and I get to keep more of the money I earn! What’s not to love?
- Gretchen Knowlton

Steven Petronis

Thanks for all that you do and creating such an amazing real estate company
- Steven Petronis

Mary Artigas

Only real estate company that I have been a part of where you feel like you are truly valued. Grateful to be part of such an awesome team!
- Mary Artigas

John Borelli

Love it here!!! I tell every agent about this place!!!
- John Borelli

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